Go Your Own Way Alone


If they answer not to

Thy call, walk alone.

If they are afraid and

Cower mutely facing the wall,

O thou unlucky one, open thy

Mind and speak out alone.


If they turn away, and

Desert you when

Crossing the wilderness,

O thou unlucky one, trample

The thorns under thy tread,

And along the blood lined

Track travel alone.


If they do not hold up the

Light when the night is

Troubled with storm

O thou unlucky one,

With the thunder flame of

Pain ignite thy own heart and

Let it burn alone. 

-Rabindranath  Tagore

I came across this poem on the cover of ‘The Actuary India’, a magazine which the Institute of Actuaries of India sends every month. I was about to throw it away (I never bother reading the magazine because I know that I won’t understand anything), but then I realized that one cannot deny the truth in this poem. The words strike time and again like waves in the ocean. This was written by Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), a brilliant poet and philosopher. This poem in particular was translated from Bengali. Though I am not the author of this poem, I feel extremely proud in posting it. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you. 


2 thoughts on “Go Your Own Way Alone

    • Very nice dude. I just touched more on the poetry in my post. But you brought out their meaning. I didn’t know that it was a song. Well I learnt something.Thank you. Have a great day.
      Kind Regards,
      Sanjay Prasad.

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